Wedding or Party DJ

We’re specialist DJs with over 15 years of experience:

  • we’re comfortable playing and mixing between pretty much all genres of popular music you can think of.
  • you can give us your favourite songs for us to put into an order that will work, a partial playlist, some suggestions, or just rely on our judgement and experience of keeping dancefloors busy.
  • you can tell us your first dance, “must plays”, and last dance.
  • you can tell us the songs that you don’t want to hear.
  • we’re happy to play requests from guests, and mix those requests appropriately amongst your existing choices.
  • we are comfortable and assured public speakers, and will make as many or as little announcements as you like.

Our highly reliable equipment includes:

  • Apple MacBooks and iPads filled with thousands of songs
  • A range of atmospheric LED lights and lasers which can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Mackie Thump active speakers providing up to 1000w of volume
  • Traktor Pro DJ software
  • Pioneer mixer
  • Wireless microphone

Help with your playlist

If you have access to a PA (through your venue or another contact) and you intend to play songs from your own device, we can:

  • help you create the playlist. We can meet you in person, or “remotely”, to work on your list of songs and help you put them into an order that will fill your dancefloor.
  • suggest further songs which we know will complement your choices.
  • give you practical tips to avoid mistakes.

PA amplification for speeches and/or PA for background music

If your venue does not offer a PA and microphone (or even if they do, but you’re not sure if it will work) you can hire highly reliable equipment from us.  We can come and set it up for your use during the day, including for speeches, musical cues during your ceremony, and/or other background music.

Mirror playlist prints

In collaboration with our friends Skinny Malink, we can create a fantastic keepsake of the music from the big day with as much or as little detail as you wish.  For example – this could be the lyrics from your first dance, or a list of all the songs played throughout the night.



T: 07824 564 397