One More Tune DJs x Skinny Malink playlist mirror collaboration

Collaboration is all the rage. Matthew M. Williams x Nike, Ga Ga x Cooper, and surely it’s only a matter of time before there is song by Calvin Harris feat. Gerry Cinnamon feat. Calvin Harris again, like some horrific TRNSMT-style take on Inception.

Here at One More Tune DJs we have got in on the act by working with event stationery and print design experts Skinny Malink to create absolutely beautiful personalised playlist mirror prints of songs from your big day. I would like to make out that to create something this good we painstakingly exchanged hundreds of drafts, or worked slowly towards our goal like in a Rocky montage, but really it was all very simple. For me, that is. I essentially said “Lynsay can you make something which looks really special, and not at all what I’m expecting”. And as if by collaborative magic, behold the results!  They look really special, and are not at all what I had expected!  (Apparently for the stationery geeks out there they are: “vinyls printed on mirrored perspex”.  I say they are: “dead lovely”.)

The particular details on the example mirror prints below are from Susie and John’s wedding that I DJ’d at in January – “Do I Love You” was a One More Tune, and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” was a Two More Tune, if such a thing exists. (Hopefully I’m now not banned from DJing at Hotel du Vin.)

These wonderful personalised keepsakes of the songs from your big day are available to order, in “Smoke” or “Gold”, for £90 + P & P each. Please get in contact if you would like one.