Wedding — Alison & Craig – 29, Glasgow

Alison & Craig – 29, Glasgow


There was a big music theme throughout this wedding, reflected in the décor and table names, and it was a real pleasure to DJ at.  Craig and Alison are big music fans, and in fact Craig used to play in Glasgow band The Hardy Souls.  On the dancefloor there was a particularly great punk stretch (including stuff like London Calling, Anarchy in the UK, Turning Japanese) and also, specifically for Alison, an “old-school hip hop” medley (though I quickly realised Alison and her friends expected less Award Tour, and more Drop It Like It’s Hot).

Later in the evening one of the wedding party handed me a dusty disc-shaped object called a “CD”.  (I actually have thousands of examples of this ancient CD technology hidden in the loft, so that my wife doesn’t bin them!)  I dug out my CD deck and it turned out the CD was a Hardy Souls album!  This was the stuff of dreams and absolute shooty-in as any Hardy Souls song provoked dancefloor pandemonium.  I think I restrained myself and played 3 in total.

At the end of the night one of the guests told me he did a bit of DJing himself, and revealed his 2 tracks that never failed him.  One was Saturday Night, and I can’t remember the other.  I can’t see myself reaching for the Whigfield anytime soon, but I really should have written down the other tune.  (If you are reading this DJ pal – please get in touch.)

Great wedding, great crowd, all the best to Alison and Craig.  These wonderful photos (I especially love the one on Argyle Street and Buchanan Street, using the puddle) are by Kristin at Struve Photography (