Wedding – Hayley and Ross – WEST, Glasgow


Hayley and Ross had their wedding reception at WEST. They provided me with a suggested playlist beforehand, but authorised me to “go rogue”. Working on my set the week before the big day, I punished the happy couple with some pretty boring DJ chat: “…the Michael Gray song is a cracker which I had forgotten about…turns out The WeekendMake Luv, and Voyager by Daft Punk are all actually based off the same song…I haven’t listened to Basement Jaxx for ages…”

*Blah Blah Blah, Boring DJ Chat Concludes*

The guests at this wedding were all great fun. There was one lady in particular who had about ten requests, but to be fair they were all spot on. I recall there being a 90s dance section which whipped folk into an absolute frenzy, peaking with Public Domain’s Bass in the Place. And just to prove there is always something for everyone, I am pretty sure Donegal’s country crooner Daniel O’Donnell got an outing earlier in the evening.

Hayley said: “John was brilliant from the beginning, he was in contact about the day and what songs we’d love to hear in the evening. The dance floor wasn’t empty all night, some people missed the buffet as they didn’t stop dancing. I’d highly recommend One More Tune DJs, lovely guy and a brilliant DJ.”

The photos are (all but one) by Andrew Foggo, very nice chap whom I enjoyed chatting to while waiting for WEST to clear dinner service and let me set up my equipment. The last one, which is noticeably lower quality, was “shot” by yours truly at the end of the night.