Wedding – Janice and Scott – Three Sisters Bake, Killearn

Janice and Scott got married at the idyllic Three Sisters Bake in Killearn, and really knocked it off with a warm and sun-drenched afternoon. The happy couple provided me with a short but sharp list of “Must Plays” that were pretty much absolute dynamite – Pressure Drop (first dance), Sussudio (second dance), Killer, Rapper’s Delight, Age of Consent, Lucky Star, All My Friends, Rebellion (Lies), Together in Electric Dreams, and On a Ragga Tip.

I say “pretty much absolute dynamite”, because drawing on my experience, I knew one of these songs wasn’t going to do much dancefloor business. (Take a look and try to guess which one. I’ll wait.)

The answer is Killer. Even if you chop the intro, Seal takes an age to unleash the chorus. Folk usually get up on the strength of the very recognisable intro, but quit minutes later, bewildered and thirsty. Give it a listen if you don’t believe me!

Predicting which songs can, or should, be played at weddings is of course a tricky task. US statisticians Five Thirty Eight have compiled an amusing, if US-centric, list of “ultimate banned wedding songs”, and Slate Magazine also has a whole article on it.

On the night I played Killer pretty early, while lots of people were still outside soaking up the sunshine. The rest of Janice and Scott’s excellent selections were saved until near the end, and I couldn’t resist joining the dancefloor during All My Friends. I assure you that desertion of my DJing post is NOT a normal occurrence, but I had a few great friends present (including the legendary Young Niall, with whom I used to organise Pin Up Nights parties), and it seemed like the right thing to do. Great times.

Here’s some excellent photos from Janice and Scott’s big day, by John Elphinstone Stirling (who has some excellent sentiments on his website about collaborating with brides and grooms, and parking egos at the door) .